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We Do Information Assurance

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Who We Are And What We Do

Who We Are

We Are Your "Due Diligence and Due Care

Mission: Education, consulting, and research related to Information Assurance.

Value Proposition: Personalized and confidential information assurance services for decision-makers and high-profile individuals.

  • Collectively, our officers have 162 years of Information Assurance management, operational, and technical experience
  • Collectively, our officers have 50 years of active duty military experience; some are war veterans and former senior military officers
  • Collectively, our officers have 38 information assurance-related certifications
  • Collectively, our officers have 32 years of academic experience as full-time or part-time professors at universites and colleges world-wide
  • Collectively, our officers have 28 academic degrees
  • The founder of AllCyber wrote his 1st paper about Industrial Control Systems in 1996 and he wrote his 1st paper related to Artificial Intelligence in 1997 (back then, it was known as Expert Systems, Decision Support Systems, etc., to the general public)

Because We Are A Nonprofit Organization, We Can Focus On You, Not Shareholders

We Do Executive-Level Security/Digital Privacy Awareness and Training

  • Decision-makers and other high-profile individuals are constantly targeted by cybercriminals and other threat actors ( learn about Cyber Crime at ) to give them access to your data, information, and secrets.  

  • Recently, the United States (U.S) Justice department indicted nine individuals for hacking universities and colleges, tech-related companies, and government organizations worldwide, over a four year period ( ).  In the United Sates, this included 144 universities and colleges, 40 tech companies, and U.S. federal agencies.  

  • Our goal is to put you in charge of avoding business risks by mitigating any cybersecurity and data privacy threats you will encounter. Remember, clicking on an untrustworthy link, responding to a spoofed e-mail ( ), or not understanding the security and privacy issues related to your mobile/smart phone can result in tragic personal, career, financial and sometimes, criminal repercussions. 

  • We customize our awareness and training to fit your requirements; topics can be removed or additional topics included.

We Do Information Assurance Consulting, Education and Research

  • Information assurance (IA) is the activity of verifying information and managing risks related to the utilization, processing, storage, and transmission of data or information, and the systems and processes used for those purposes. 

  • IA includes CyberSecurity, Digital Privacy, Vulnerability and Penetration Testing, CyberForensics, Security Audits and Risk Management, Critical Infrastructure Security, Cloud Computing Security and other security and privacy domains.

  • IA focuses on protection of the confidentiality, integrity, availability, authenticity, and non-repudiation of user or process data in digital, analog, or physical form. These tasks are executed by using physical, technical and administrative countermeasures or controls.